Goats for Children in Kano, Nigeria

Posted by | May 27, 2019 |

Generally, we are doing well materially, for which we are very grateful! For this reason we should like to give something useful to other people who are not doing so well.

Therefore we would like to introduce you to Saleh, who is living in the Kano region in the north of Nigeria. Saleh is an agricultural engineer and advises the farmers there, how they can improve yields with new seed.

In addition, Saleh has also developed an interesting project, which Dr. Andreas Danuser a Swiss engineer, supports together with friends from Switzerland and IW Club Berner Oberland. 

He donates goats to the children of these farmers and the goats are pregnant in most cases. The children are neither allowed to slaughter nor to sell these animals. They should rather care for these animals and make sure that baby goats are born. The children are then allowed to sell the goat milk or the baby goats in order to earn money for livelihood and school. In this way the children should learn to actively shape their own lives as small entrepreneurs.

This project is a great success! Saleh and Dr. Andreas Danuser, can guarantee that 100% of the funds are used directly for this project: Saleh procures the goats and gives them to the children as gifts in the name of the donor. Depending on the market situation a goat costs between 30 and 50 EUR.