Medieval Festival “FEDERICUS” in Altamura

Posted by | May 25, 2019 |

 Last April 28th in Altamura (Bari), during the Medieval Festival “FEDERICUS” the local IW Club wrote an important page in its life story.

IW Club President Matilde Saponaro together with the Club members organized an event according to the International IW Theme “Empower and Evolve”.

The event was intended to better acquaint all the participants with the great figure of Frederick II of Swabia who had ruled that land in a very wise way, making Christians, Jews and Muslims live together in peace, and therefore he was named in Latin, Stupor Mundi (World Wonder).


A significant number of Clubs from District 210 took part in the celebration and shared culture, friendship and convivial moments with National Council Italy President Anna Maria Falconio, District 210 Chairman Matilde Gasparri Zezza, Past Board Director Bettina Lombardi and a great deal of members.

The Medieval Festival took place for four colourful days in the historic centre of the town, where neighbourhoods were transformed into true Medieval villages, like many shop windows of extraordinary beauty, plenty of history, art, culture and folklore.



Matilde Saponaro - Club President D210