20th Anniversary celebration of IW Čakovec

Posted by | May 23, 2019 |

On 4th of May 2019. Inner Wheel Club of Čakovec, District 191 Croatia, has proudly celebrated 20th Anniversary from their Charter celebration.

Under the initiative of the first president Branka Horvat, the club was founded in 1997, but they had the Charter ceremony in 1999. During past 20 years the club members have worked diligently organising a number of humanitarian and important public events in the local communities, at the same time nurturing friendship among other clubs in District and region.









The celebration was attended by members from clubs in region – ND IWC Ljubljana from Slovenia, ND IWC Belgrade from Serbia, ND IWC Banja Luka and ND IWC Bijeljina from Bosnia &Hercegovina and members from our District 191, Croatia – IWC Rijeka, IWC Karlovac, IWC Zagreb, IWC Varaždin and IWC Prelog.

 The members have cheered their special guest –  Renata Vitković from IWC Varaždin.

Two decades long activities the members of IW Club Čakovec was presented in a 10-minutes film made of many photographs created during numerous humanitarian actions and donations, club activities, socialising and excursions.

Every member was presented by funny short description and awarded with IW brooch. Finally, at the end of ceremony a new member is officially accepted – Martina Šebrek. During the programme they presented their awards. 


After congratulations from all the guests, lunch with traditional local specialities was served and the pleasant musical duo was playing in the background - we enjoyed our friendship and our time together!


Snježana Petrović Tkalčec – D191