Caring for Women and Girls – Garissa

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The International Project from Sweden under the banner “Caring for Women and Girls”. It is about the Garissa-project in Kenya: 

Caring for Women and Girls – Garissa 

The Swedish project Garissa in Kenya was founded in 1989 by Carl-Axel Ekman and his wife Monica after a visit to the area where they discovered and were appalled by the conditions for girls and especially orphaned girls. 

They started an orphanage where the girls are provided with shelter and education in safe surroundings. The school has a good reputation and families send their daughters there for schooling. The foundation also supports the young women to go on to university. By co-operating with the imams, the number of genital mutilation has radically decreased and is very low. 

An IW bookmark to support the combat against FGM is sold and the money goes to Garissa.



Kerstin Jonson

Editor/Media Manager Sweden