Forum on Cervical Cancer - D191, Croatia

Posted by | May 18, 2019 |

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Inner Wheel District 191 hosted a forum on cervical cancer prevention caused by HPV virus. The forum was held in the Aquatics Hall in Karlovac and our guests were the psychologists of the association "All for Her"; MD Ljiljana Vukota, MD Anja Belavić and MD Martina Frketić from the Public Health Institute of Karlovac County.


They informed the students and their families about the importance of protecting children health by HPV injection. The association "All for her" has been marking the Cervical Cancer Week for a number of years and promotes the importance of self-care and educates the public about the prevention of HPV-related illnesses, which is also the major cause of cervical cancer.

In addition to eight grades pupils of elementary school, this year, all high school students in Croatia can also be vaccinated for free by the end of June. With the support of the Croatian Public Health Institute, the "All for her" Association has launched a public health campaign entitled "Another Opportunity" to encourage adolescents to talk to parents and doctors about HPV vaccination.

The excellent response encourages us in planning such debates in the future.


Nataša Karin - District Chairman – D191