Some 'Short Stories' from Sweden

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 17, 2019 |

Short Stories from Sweden

 Inner Wheel Sweden conducts a national project to promote additional education in dementia care and annually awards scholarships to well-deserved nurses and assistant nurses. The scholarships have been named after the Swedish Queen Silvia, who has made significant contributions to dementia care in the country. In the photo the November holders of the scholarship in front of the portrait of Queen Silvia. From left Jenny Stavem, IW's project manager Gunilla Thorstensson and Madeleine Åkerman. Photo Yanan Li, Silviahemmet. (below left)











Each year, Inner Wheel Sweden finances four female volunteer doctors from Rotary Doctors Sweden for a six-week service period among the needy, mostly women and children, in the rural areas of north-west Kenya. The need is as great as the roads are bad. The need for female doctors is also great because some men do not want their women to visit a male doctor. In the photo Dr Marianne Juter with a patient. (above right). 

District 232 

Inner Wheel is needed as much today as in 1924. This was the conclusion after Umeå IWC's (No 57) celebration of the Inner Wheel Day on January 10. That day´s talk was about the Panzi Hospital in DR Congo and the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege. The lecturer prof.emir. Ellinor Ädelroth works in the hospital in a leading position. In the photo she is thanked with an IW rose by Ulla Bergqvist (right). 


District 233

 In Sweden there are fifteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the latest is “Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland”, seven farms from the 19th century. 

Club members from Bollnäs-Edsbyn IWC (No 255) visited one of the farms, Mårtes, in Edsbyn. (photo). Here, the participants got a presentation of the interesting wall paintings and were invited to homemade crisp bread and cheese with cheesecake and raspberry juice as dessert. 


District 234


The first Inner Wheel club in Sweden, Filipstad IWC (No 32), is celebrating 70 years this year. Celebrations began last year with an appreciated historical women's walk in the centre of the city. During the walk, the participants met a number of female predecessors related to Filipstad (depicted by IW members), e.g. the author and Nobel Prize winner in literature Selma Lagerlöf (right).


District 235

Eskilstuna Fors IWC (No 1827) has been visited by the city's popular hospital clown,”Aunt Dot”, (Lotta Lagerström). She works at the children's clinic to cheer up those who have a tough time.  In colourful clothes with big dots and a big nose she sings and dances and tells funny stories. Always with great respect and sense of responsibility to the sick children. For many this is a nice break (photo, left).


District 236


Strömstad-Tanum IWC (No 3751) now knows everything about Aronia and Sea buckthorn (Havtorn). Paula H. Widén visited the club and told the members all about the useful berries and gave tips on good jams, marmalades and drinks one can make of them. The Aronia berries (pictured) have a long history as a medical plant in Europe and are full of vitamins and oxidants. The Sea buckthorn grows like a bush where it is cold and is also filled with nutrients. (below right)


District 238

 Believe it or not, Eksjö IWC (3004) has (at present) a waiting list. Like several other clubs, not just in Sweden, the club had a negative membership development for several years. Through various activities, they have succeeded in turning that trend and have now several interested women to become members! Eksjö members visited Skara IWC (No 273) when they had a DP visit recently and spoke about their successful strategy. Photo below is of: Stina Krabbe Svensson Eksjö IWC, Gull-Britt Alexanderson Skara IWC, DP Christina Lindhagen Sandahl and Birgitta Henning Eksjö IWC. 













District 240

On the Inner Wheel day, Älmhult IWC (No 2252) had invited three interesting women to their meeting. They had come to Sweden and Älmhult as refugees from Colombia, Somalia and Syria, respectively. Three young, strong women who, in various ways and for different reasons, fled their country. 

All three were very positive about how they were treated here and had clear plans for their future. Rula wants to become a preschool teacher, Leidy a social worker and Hawa a nurse. Hawa is also looking for someone she can marry! (Fr. v. Hawa, Leidy, KP Marie-Louise Ekander and Rula).  (right)


District 241

Vimmerby IWC (No 1117) has visited Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and Tjorven on Saltkråkan. That is the club has been on a trip to the village of Mariannelund where many of the children's books by Astrid Lindgren were shot. Here are studio buildings, original clothes from the films, make-up rooms etc.