Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Project

Posted by | May 15, 2019 |

Announcement of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine Project 

(Anafartalar Lisesi – Girne (High school of Kyrenia Anafartalar).

 This is the Girne IW Club main project of the year 2018-2019










A seminar was held for 10-15 years old girl students and for their families arranged by GIW Club and supported by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and by Ministry of Health of TRNC. 

Doctor Ms Serife Goksu (Member of GIW Club) informed the students and their families about the importance of protecting children health by HPV injection.

The Brochure explaining the virus was distributed to the student interested in HPV Vaccine (link to further information)

The injection will be done in two steps, one in April and September 2018. The information about the list of students will be given to GIW Club after the semester holiday, first week of March 2018 by the Headmaster of the school.





On 29th March 2019 HPV injections were held for 30 girl students in Anafartalar High School where they are choosen by the Directors of the High School.

Injection held on 29.03.2019 where the 2. injection should be done later in the year in September 2019.

The GIW Club incoming President for the year 2019-2020 Mrs. Cigdem Candar, announced that 2. vaccine injection will be done according to the plan.

As the pioneer of this project the government and the Ministry of Health accepted and the Minister Mrs. Filiz Besim announced that the HPV vaccine injections to be added to the vaccine program of the government in the following years.

To be the pioneer of this vaccine injections make GIW Club proud and happy.  

In preparing this project, GIW Club is very thankfull to their members, especially Mrs. Dr. Şerife Göksu and Mrs. Verda EMİNAĞA ERK and to  Kale Inner Wheel Club.


Zehra Yuksel