Anneliese Grenke receives MGA

Posted by International Inner Wheel | May 15, 2019 |

Anneliese Grenke is an exceptionally generous and committed woman, who embodies the values of a world citizen. She stands strong in the face of adversity, advocating for the common good and for people in need regardless of their race. 

Her objectives through her Inner Wheel and general public charity works are:

  • The education and support for children and adolescents;
  • Help for women in need;
  • Support of people living on the margins of society.


Anneliese has always performed charitable activities outside the Inner Wheel Club (D86) namely: 

“Kindernothilfe” / Help for children in need. 

Along with a circle of friends, Anneliese has founded a charitable organisation that dedicates resources to helping children in need to live in dignity and provide them with a better future so that they do not have to suffer from misery, poverty and violence. She is extremely committed in organising fundraising events or sales booths where she and her friends actively and enthusiastically help in order to collect money for this good cause. 

“Zukunftsscout” / Future Scout. 

With her program “Zukunftsscout” she has sponsored adolescents with their integration into German society. Anneliese privately coaches individuals from migrant backgrounds with their apprenticeship applications and job interviews preparation. She also introduces them on social values and skills of particular importance in German, such as the importance of being on time, actively listening and sticking to commitments. Many of her protégés are from migrant backgrounds and were able to successfully integrate themselves into Society with thanks to her support. She should be exceptionally proud of this achievement. 

Association “Cora” 

Anneliese is the chairwoman of the association “Cora” whose objective is combating sexual harassment and violence against women. She coaches young girls, boys and women on the telephone on how to respond in an emergency scenario and provides support to those who were victims of abuse. She is also involved in the administrative side of the organisation regularly supporting the office. 

Work group “AK Asyl” 

She is part of the work group “AK Asyl”, which supports asylum seekers and their relatives in their interactions with local councils, administrative matters and their unique personal challenges. Additionally, she supports migrant adolescents with finding subsidies language classes, work internships and shelter.


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