Maria Clara Cagnotti receives MG Award

Posted by | May 08, 2019 |

Mother of five children, Maria Clara has been constantly working as a volunteer for many years at the F.A.R.O Foundation in Turin, where she takes care of chronic-degenerative diseased people with great generosity and helpfulness. Sometimes she meets them in their houses, whereas on Friday she regularly goes to the hospital where some of them are housed. She offers the ill people emotional and mental support by talking and listening to them with her great sensitivity, empathy and gentle wit, qualities she has in abundance. 

Maria Clara has also been working for 15 years at the Red Cross Station in the area of her hometown. There she is in charge of the department that deals with social matters and supports the destitute that more and more frequently knock at the Red Cross door.  

Besides the aforementioned activities, Maria Clara regularly provides with food and other needs  a cloister of nuns who live in complete seclusion. She acts like an angel who stands by all helpless persons, ready to solve their physical, material needs and psychological problems, touching their hearts, showing them her sweet smile and offering total dedication. 

She is an Inner Wheel member and she held various offices in IW Club of Torino: some years ago, she was the correspondent and then the treasurer for the last two years.