IWC Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year Project

Posted by | May 02, 2019 |

Inspiring values in the young from Chinese culture

The Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur, in fostering “education beyond the classroom”, sponsored Jinjang Secondary School by supporting extra-curricular programmes in traditional Chinese culture, music and dance. Funds are given to equip the school with traditional Chinese instruments and its related activities. Each year, participating students have the opportunity to develop techniques and disciplines of music and dance combined with lessons in creativity and artistry.


In 15th February, 2019, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebrations hosted by the Chinese members of the Club, students of Jinjang Secondary School presented a show, demonstrating new ideas in costume and choreography, backed by an ensemble of musicians. Click to watch a video of the students performing the “Spring Dance” and the “Martial Art Dance” at



Chinese New Year is a time of optimism for the future and the venue at the hall of the Sime Darby Convention Centre was decorated to showcase such auspicious items.  Never a dull moment with these ladies, there were lots of auspicious gift-giving and even a “Miss Sime Darby Convention” winner. 


The significance and meanings of the auspicious decorations (see left) are: 

Cherry blossom flowers to welcome spring and new opportunities

Lettuce represents growth in business & wealth

The little red tassels with the words sends wishes to you for lots of good luck in the New Year!

Delicious biscuits and cookies: pineapple tarts are like nuggets of gold wishing you windfalls of wealth and the layer cake brings you success upon success.

Mandarin oranges, in Chinese literally means Gold!