Inner Wheel Sweden working against Drugs

Posted by | May 01, 2019 |

Members of Inner Wheel Sweden have been financing the purchase and training of drug search-sniffer-dogs for the Customs in Sweden since 1986. Currently there are 26 IW dogs in service, which together with their dog trainers help to protect the country's borders. In 2018, the IW dog Boy (see below, right), stationed in Haparanda in the northern part of Sweden, received the prestigious award “The Drug Search-Sniffer-Dog of the Year”. 

The Swedish Customs Service has an ongoing need for used bags, etc. for the training of their drug search-sniffer-dogs. Now it was time to refill new training material.

How could Inner Wheel help?

Many clubs contributed. The response from Ystad IWC (No 1564) was great. Stefan Fredriksson from Tullverket, with the drug search-sniffer-dog Zäta as a companion (see below), came with a large van and picked up an impressive load of old suitcases, worn handbags and worn rucksacks collected by the club members.