Indian Project Budge-Budge with IWC D87

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 26, 2018 |

In 1995 I made my first trip to India and was deeply shocked by the terrible conditions: extreme poverty, abominable suffering, despair, malnutrition and catastrophic hygienic conditions.  

The IWC Budge-Budge asked me for support. So, I agreed to help by building up a professional college. In our "Priti" (so it is lovingly called) boys and girls get a vocational training including a final exam, which opens the possibility of a better and self-sufficient future, also by means of small loans - help for them to help themselves.  

Today, twenty years later, "Priti" is a three-storey-building and has become a blessing for many people. Nishta is a project where women get support by imparting to them knowledge about contraception and hygiene.

The results are independence and self-consciousness.  

Garia Sathi is a project concentrating on the education of mentally and physically handicapped children Last year we could buy a building for them.


Annelie Fabry - D87