Music, Colours and Solidarity - Italy D211

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 21, 2018 |

On Saturday, October 27th,  Inner Wheel Club of Palermo Centro presided by Rosellina Tristano Criscuoli organized the show "Music, colours and solidarity" at the Auditorium of Cusmano Institute in Palermo, in the presence of District 211 Chairman Rosalba Licata di Caccamo and several other IW authorities.  

 A  group of young  and talented singers, "Le Voci Vicine” (The Nearby Voices)  performed with a signal success,  together with the "Ben Kadì Drums", a group of African boys who had arrived as migrants and  became then percussionists and dancers, as they were animated by a great passion for music.  

The show was organized for a charity purpose: to buy a wheelchair and other health equipment that President Rosellina donated to a representative of the aid sodality of the Order of Malta.  

Furthermore, with the funds raised, it will be organized an afternoon of entertainment with gifts, games and snacks for children assisted by the Caritas Association at a local parish.


Caterina Matta Di Chiara – Club Editor D211