IW Oshogbo Critically helps a young girl

Posted by Default Admin User | Nov 14, 2018 |

Nnenna Opebiyi writes from Oshogbo District 913

Oyinkansola Precious Adewuyi was born into a family of five from Mr and Mrs Idowu and Janet Adewuyi, she is the second child and the only girl. She was born with Spinal disorder six years ago, which made her not to be able to walk like other children. The mother always carried her to the school without any aid every day, this caught my attention and made me to take interest in the case as a woman. In the process of encouraging the mother about two years ago to take the girl for medical assistance, to enable her get crutches or wheel chair to make her independent, then it was discovered that her case could be corrected through surgery. I discussed her case in one of our meetings in Inner Wheel Club of Oshogbo and little assistance was available at that time.

Fortunately, this year I presented her case to the District Project Committee D913 in May 19, 2018, and it was unanimously agreed to be a District Project, on July 21st, it was the first District Project where the sum of Five hundred Thousand Naira (£1,000) was given to the parent for the girl as a part payment for her surgery.

District Chairman Iwm Ayodele Olu - Lawal, Oyinkansola, her mother Mrs Idowu Adewuyi and the National Representative / President of Inner Wheel Clubs in Nigeria