Only in Australia?

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Nov 05, 2018 |

Only in AUSTRALIA has there been TWO sisters invested as National President of the same National Body - but twenty years apart.  

Inner Wheel Australia has June Muller our current President 2018/2019 June is the elder sister of Yvonne Cavazzi - Australian President 1998/99 (20 years ago). 

Both had a standing International Inner Wheel President attend her Changeover Lovise Richardson attended in 1998, and Christine Kirby attended in 2018 – Both these International Inner Wheel Presidents are AUSTRALIAN women.  

A most exciting surprise for the 2018 President - Her sister Yvonne inducted June into the Presidency - at the 50th Inner Wheel Australia Changeover, held in Mandurah, Western Australia  on 16th June 2018.

Liz Ralston - District Editor