Midsomer Norton & Radstock Bra Collection

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Oct 09, 2018 |

Midsomer Norton and Radstock Bra Collection. 

The Inner Wheel Club of Midsomer Norton and Radstock (GB and I District 20) began its Inner Wheel year with a rather unusual afternoon tea party. President Sue Hopkins hosted the event to celebrate the club’s achievement in collecting over a thousand bras which will be sent to underprivileged women in Africa and other parts of the world. Some will also be sold to raise money for a breast cancer charity. 

Something as simple as having a bra can make a huge difference to women in certain parts of Africa where this can give out a signal that the person may be better off or have a male partner and is therefore less likely to be abused. The bras are first sorted and checked before being sent off. 

Several other clubs in GB and I have contributed large numbers of bras through collections in their local areas. A few months ago the Inner Wheel Club of Elgin (GB and I District 1) in north east Scotland had their bra collection brought to the attention of the local community when member Anne Brown was interviewed on local television. Her persistence in asking others to donate bras had earned her the nickname “The Bra Lady of Moray.” 

This is a piece of International Service which is very simple but can help a large number of women. This was ably demonstrated at the Annual Conference of GB and I in Glasgow a couple of years ago when the whole area around the Conference venue was festooned with bras.

Dorothy Cree - Association Editor

October 2018