IWC Innsbruck celebrates its 20th Birthday

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Oct 09, 2018 |

The Inner Wheel Club of Innsbruck celebrates its 20th Birthday!

The club boasts 54 members who extended a heartfelt welcome to over 120 guests from Inner Wheel and Rotary clubs from over Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. The 3-day event included a get together in the historical old town of Innsbruck, a guided tour including a cable car ride with spectacular views over the Inn Valley and of course a gala event in true Inner Wheel style. 

Founding president, Erni Dierich chartered Inner Wheel Innsbruck with 37 members in 1998. 20 years later, her daughter in-law and club president, Alison Dierich led the weekend of celebrations that culminated in a gala dinner with guest speaker and renowned author Dr Melanie Wolfers who spoke about the art of being a friend to yourself and review of the club’s 20-year history. 



Inner Wheel Innsbruck looks forward to the next twenty years in which it hope to continue to empower and evolve. 




(Left to right) District Chairman Gerda Beck, founding President Erni Dierich, International Board Director Gabi Schrümpf, Club President Alison Dierich and National Representative Gertie Munroe