Vriendschapsdag - (Day of Friendship)

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jul 19, 2018 |

Since 1949 one of the clubs in the Netherlands has organised “Vriendschapsdag” (Day of Friendship). All members in The Netherlands are invited to join this day. This year Inner Wheel Club Purmerend had the honour to arrange the event. It started with a “Meet & Greet” on Friday 25th of June in Hoorn where 65 members came to join. The ladies could choose an activity: a guided tour, a tour on the canals in Hoorn or a golf tournament in Purmerend. In the evening members had a nice dinner together at Hotel Van der Valk in Hoorn. 

The next morning program started with a warm welcome by Brassband Juliana of Marken, and with coffee and cake. The official program started with a reading about the innovation of the food industry and technology in Noord Holland which was very interesting subject for all. A group of children of the Dutch Children Theatre performed with songs and dance to audience.

During a fantastic lunch there was time for chatting, communication, renewing friendship and buying lottery tickets. 

In the afternoon they had a nice entertaining program and notification of the amount of money collected for benefit project “Help een kind op de been” (www.kindopdebeen.nl). That is a small project of two orthopaedic surgeons. They do surgery on children in Kameron with severe growth problems on their legs.  IW clubs in Netherlands raised € 12.500 by sponsoring, various activities and the lottery. 

They all enjoyed their Day of Friendship, not only to be there, but also to see 315 women having a great time together  in these couple of days.


Ellianne Meijer - IW Purmerend

District 58