Live Without Drugs!

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 03, 2018 |

Live Without Drugs!

IW Club Kazanlak D248 launched anti-drugs national project on April 28th, 2018


On April 28, 2018 IW Club Kazanlak launched the first stage of the anti-drugs national project with a children's bicycle competition under the motto "Sporting, dreaming, winning. Live without drugs!" in the Rosarium Park.

Sport reflects real life, educates discipline, responsibility and self-knowledge. It shows the children that they can rely on themselves, have dreams, not to lose themselves in the terrible world of narco-illusions. The main goal of the sporting holiday was to make children feel the real energy of life - sporting, competing, dreaming and choosing a life without drugs.

The event gathered many parents and children in the city park. This gave them the opportunity for direct contact with parents as well. The IW ladies took care to record accurately each child and handed out to each parent the materials provided by the District, containing information about the dangers of drugs and the fight against them. A record number of children - more than 100, aged 3 to 14 years - were recorded in the competition.


They received reflective vests, branded with the Inner Wheel logo “Happier futures - better lives” and the slogan of the competition "Sporting, dreaming, winning. Live without drugs! ". As a mandatory attribute, they can be worn by children every time they ride a bicycle and promote Inner Wheel. Before the start, the women from IWC Kazanlak urged parents to encourage their children to sport and fight for their dreams, to be alert and prepared to recognize the symptoms of drug use and wished success to the contestants.

The track was prepared and marked by the motor sport champion Nikolay Monchev. The rules and the route of the competitors was demonstrated by the former national cycling competitor and sports master Veselin Kolev, winner of many awards from national and international competitions, participant in three world championships. 

IWC Kazanlak had prepared cups, prizes and diplomas, treats, mineral water and candy for all participants.