Nepal aid project

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 02, 2018 |

Nepal aid project

Rotary and Inner Wheel in Vinderup D45 Denmark join forces to support an aid project in Nepal


Leif and Bodil Kristensen receive the gift certificate of 39,000 DKK. Leif and Bodil Kristensen, Jan Lund, Vinderup Rotary Club, and Anna Kristensen Vinderup Inner Wheel Club


The project is intended to promote teaching in the Chhirringkharka school, located in the very mountainous northeastern Nepal, where all transportation to and from school is by walking, and some students have 1-2 hours each way.

The school has 55 students divided into 6 levels from zero to fifth grade, but only four teachers. There are 8 classrooms, but virtually no teaching equipment.  

Vinderup Rotary Club has been in contact with the school through two retired Danish teachers from Mors, Bodil and Leif Kristensen. Bodil Kristensen has been a primary school teacher and taught in almost all subjects. She is married to Leif Kristensen, who has been a high school teacher with subject physics and chemistry. The married couple has visited Nepal four times, and worked with the local teachers. Normally the couple teaches the students together with the local teachers in the morning, and in the afternoon, they hold teacher courses in how to involve the students in the teaching.

In 2017 Bodil and Leif brought their daughter Mie and family too.  Mie is also a high school teacher with the subject physics and chemistry, and her husband is an It expert. All costs related to this visit were paid by Bodil and Leif, but they have applied for financial support for the purchase of teaching equipment.

The Chhirringkharka school is chosen because Bodil and Leif have found the teachers very committed and eager to improve the standard of the school, giving the students a bigger opportunity to continue schooling at a secondary school, or even better that the Chhirringkharka school has the opportunity to be upgraded to a seventh grade school, and a model for the other schools in the district.

Bodil and Leif Kristensen visited Vinderup Rotary Club in February 26th, and shared their recent experiences in Nepal, and they received a gift certificate of 39,000 DKK for the purchase of educational equipment, donated by Rotary and Inner Wheel clubs in Vinderup.

The educational equipment has been chosen in close cooperation with the school teachers, and will be purchased locally in Nepal.