Environmental Awareness

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 02, 2018 |

Environmental Awareness

IW Club Penang D330 Malaysia raise environmental awareness and urban gardening for the young 


A worker advised on the combination of pebbles, sand and different types of soil before planting

Children loved getting their hands dirtied when they participated in identifying different types of soil and ratio of soil combination to make fertile soil for potted plants.  They were taught how to prepare the different layers of substance such as pebbles, sand and soils needed before planting. These curious children were also taught the importance of garden worms in the soil while they were handling some ‘wrigglies’ on their hands. At the garden, the children were also introduced to the different types of herbs.


Children were taught the importance of garden worms in the soil

They were made aware of the importance of recycling products such as the waste from food which can be used for decomposition such as skins of discarded fruits, egg shells, etc.  The children enjoyed making their own pots by using recycled plastic bottles before filling them with soils and planting their favourite herbs.

Learning the types of soils needed for potted plants