Organization for Basic Training

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Organization for Basic Training

IW Club Charlottelund D47 Denmark,  a project  for building up an education-based future in Cambodia

Being a part of one of the largest international organizations for women, Charlottenlund Inner Wheel - Denmark, believes that it is necessary to be involved globally as well as locally.

On a journey to Vietnam and Cambodia in February 2016, President of the Club Alice Waldner made the acquaintance of a group of students from OBT, who were giving a little performance for the guests at R/V Jayavarmen, Heritage Line.

OBT, which stands for Organization for Basic Training, is situated in a very poor part of Cambodia, Chiro Village near the Mekong River, where the farmers and fishermen with their families mostly have to live for about 1 USD a day.

An education administrator from Brisbane Bays College in Australia, Daniel Dennis, who has been involved in supporting a number of charitable organizations in Indochina, founded this educational project in 2007, teaching children basic English for free, from the age of 5 years and up. Furthermore, he was able to form an initial founding partnership with his own teaching college covering the cost of the first year.

Many of the students walk several kilometres in order to get to the school, which has between 300 and 400 students. One of the growth opportunities for employment in Cambodia is in the tourist service industry, which requires skills in written and spoken English.

As a partner, Daniel Dennis has found the dedicated and enthusiastic local teacher and social worker, Pol Sophal, who has been industrious in promoting OBT since its start.He is not only helping children, but entire families to plan and to take the first steps in building up an education-based future.

During the years OBT has been able to achieve an increasing number of volunteers from all over the world, using their know how to benefit OBT.

Many of Chiro’s larger construction projects and on-going initiatives, such as village breakfast for the most impoverished elders, and community drinking water, have been funded by the volunteers or through their fundraising efforts.

Every month IW Club Charlottelund receive a News Letter describing the improvements of the village, and in which all donations are acknowledged with thanks.  Knowing these letters are sent out to thousands of people, it is good to show that Inner Wheel is involved in helping this fantastic community in a country that is struggling to achieve the most basic standard of living. 

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