New Generation Presentations

At the beginning of the Closing Ceremony on Saturday, five New Generation Members from five different continents were invited by IIW President Abha Gupta to present speeches on topics relating to the future of Inner Wheel.

Encourage Membership from Generation to Generation, Give Inner Wheel A Future

Presented by Durga Jain (India)

Durga Jain & IIW President Abha Gupta Durga Jain Durga Jain & Abha Gupta

Developing Leadership through Inner Wheel

Presented by Claire Cebron de Lisle (France)

Claire Cebron & IIW President Abha Gupta Claire Cebron Claire Cebron & Abha Gupta

Importance of values in Inner Wheel Today

Presented by Diana Muth (Mexico)

Diana Muth & IIW Pres Abha Gupta Diana Muth Diana Muth & Abha Gupta

Using Modern Technology to Further Inner Wheel

Presented by Michelle Atkinson (New Zealand)

Michelle Atkinson Michelle Atkinson Michelle Atkinson & IIW Pres Abha Gupta

We Are the Change Makers

Presented by Abreruagba Abiola (Nigeria)

Abreruagba Abiola & IIW Pres Abha Gupta Abreruagba Abiola Abreruagba Abiola & IIW Pres Abha Gupta