Gabriele Schruempf - Austria & Czech Republic

Nelly Bratoeva

Ever since I joined Inner Wheel (IW) in 1999, I have been impressed by its principles of friendship, service and international understanding. Participation in the European Meeting (EM) in Tampere/Finland in 2009 was a big turning point in my IW-life.  For the first time, I experienced IW’s international dimension.  I was deeply impressed by the friendship and commitment of my fellow participants.

I also realised the importance of retaining and recruiting members. I initiated preparations for a second Club in Graz. It was chartered in March 2012.  I then spoke about “Retention and Extension” at the Convention in Istanbul in April 2012.

However, after nearly 30 years, the Austrian clubs still did not have a District. Together with an experienced IW friend, I organized an EM in Graz in September 2012, to introduce our members to Inner Wheel’s international dimension. In October 2012 the majority of Clubs decided in favour of a District. In June 2015 the first IWC in the Czech Republic joined our District 192.

I had long been intrigued by the strength of IW in India.  To understand the reasons for this better, I have attended three of their national/regional conferences. 

This year (2016/17) I am privileged to have been chosen as Austria’s first National Representative.

In view of my intensive experience of national and international IW, I now feel equipped to serve IIW in the position of a Board Director.  I want to promote and support the friendship between India and Europe, because going hand in hand together, will be our future



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