Joanne Gaudin

Joanne Gaudin - New Zealand

My Inner Wheel journey began back in the 1970’s when my Mother became a member first of New Zealand's oldest club: Napier and then later a charter member of the Club we now both belong to Ahuriri . My journey began then because that’s how long I’ve been aware of the work & support offered by Inner Wheel and it seemed quite natural to become a member myself in 2003. Although I am proud to be part of the Inner Wheel Organisation, the true value of IW isn’t that I can belong or how many members there are in NZ but that IW exists at all. That for the past 94 years IW members have been helping communities in their home towns and across the world to deal with social issues and emergencies; and since 1993 we have, through our UN representatives, been helping in the work of bringing change to women in countries where there are no choices about anything, let alone whether they can belong to IW. We owe it to those women and to the IW members who have gone before us to continue to grow, nurture and sustain our organisation so it can continue into the future. Our Organisation grew out of Social Change in the 1920’s and has continued to adapt to an ever changing world. At a time when many of our Clubs are facing the challenge of finding Leaders the need to adapt has never been greater. As the Governing Body we need to be finding ways to grow the skills of our current membership, encouraging them to seek new opportunities for service within our organisation and looking at new ways to promote our Organisation to the public so that woman of all ages can see how we serve our Communities and how they can join us in service with friendship