Monica Wood

Monica Wood - South Africa


My main objective is for Inner Wheel to retain its individuality and independence whilst maintaining cordiality with Rotary Clubs.  It is sad that these two worldwide organisations are vying for members from the same sources, but Inner Wheel is beneficial in many aspects, finances do play a large part regarding membership especially where both partners become members of Rotary  for instance, whilst Inner wheel is more of a Service organisation with less demands on finance and a  more “hands on” for the benefit of their communities.  Yes funds are needed to support the work of the various charities being undertaken, but by attracting the professional women into our Clubs, they can have contacts within the corporate world which could open doors otherwise closed to us without the necessary contact

Another aspect which I have become aware of is there are 54 countries in Africa, with  more than 50% of these experiencing very troubled times and within these  troubled countries we only hear about the disasters, the trouble makers, the dictators, but what about the people like you and me; members of Inner Wheel who might feel totally isolated without the support of surrounding countries and I would like to try and motivate the ISO’s to perhaps plan a meeting of District Chairmen within Africa to learn more from each other and entice more members from what would be seen as truly a worldwide successful woman’s organisation