Miriam Fisher

Miriam Fisher- USA

 To be united around the world with women who have the goal to be of service to others and who have the commitment to understand the needs and interests of fellow world citizens bonds us in an enduring friendship of sisters—this is International Inner Wheel.

It has been my privilege and joy to be part of this wonderful organization which, by its many members around the world, has made a positive impact through its many humanitarian projects to help provide “Happier futures, Better Lives”.  Our work is not done, however, until every woman and child has the opportunity for education and no child goes to bed hungry or afraid.

We always need to be in recruitment mind to increase our membership.  Many women are just waiting for an invitation to be part of a service organization of friends.  Recently we moved into a retirement community where I have met many outgoing, active women who are retired but not too tired to be of service and make new friends.  I see prospective Inner Wheel sisters.  I am presently working to organize an Inner Wheel club at a local university which includes international students.  Young women like these will keep the Inner Wheel turning far into the future

It is an honour to be a Board director, and I shall continue to uphold the objects of Inner Wheel, fulfill all my duties, and work as a dedicated team member for the benefit of Inner Wheel over all the world.