Miriam Fisher

Miriam Fisher- USA


My first introduction to Inner wheel was in 1968 when I resided in Malaysia & Singapore for 15 years  with my family.  For the past 22 years, I have been active in Inner Wheel USA at club, District and national levels.  I am committed to uphold the Objectives, the Constitution, and the other traditions of International Inner Wheel

From my experiences gained from living in other countries for extended times—Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore—and travelling to over 50 nations, I feel a close connection to my fellow world citizens.  As a teacher of English to over 20 nationalities, I have learned much and have love for my students and respect for their diversity.  IIW Objective International Understanding I promote at every opportunity via new technology, newsletters, Inner Wheel UN reports, Club, District and National convention visitors, and our IIW Conventions which are our Inner Wheel family Reunions.

Service is an Objective in which Inner Wheel is earnestly working to make Happier Futures/Bettter Lives.  Some of my club’s local projects have been for homeless children, breast cancer patients, disabled seniors, human trafficking, abused women and hospice.  Nationally I serve on the Board of our IW USA Foundation which provides myoelectric upper limbs for children.

I am presently engaged in organizing an Inner Wheel Club at a local University which includes international students to get the younger generation involved for the future of Inner Wheel

The IIW Objective True Friendship is the greatest gift we receive by being an Inner Wheel Sister.  Let us share the joy.