Trish Douglas

Trish Douglas - GB&I

Very much a “people person” I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my 30 years as an inner Wheel member.  Inner Wheel has given me the opportunity of working with some wonderful organisations throughout GB&I raising their profile for the benefit of others.  During these years I have also had the opportunity of supporting projects internationally, which has always been my passion.

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s voluntary organisations, operating in over 104 countries around the world, it would be a great honour to be a a bOard Director, serving to help people around the world less fortunate than ourselves.

TEAMWORK has always been mu mantra, TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE”.  I have had a varied career, a business degree and wide range of experience across companies, constabularies and corporations has helped me make a successful hotelier for the past 27 years– with perhaps a touch of the entrepreneur.

Being the National representative for GB&I this year has given me an opportunity to meet other National representatives from other countries in Europe at our meeting in Italy, listen to their ideas and thoughts, to exchange our vision of the future of International Inner Wheel in a rapidly changing world.

To increase and retain membership in the years ahead will be our greatest challenge, we have to ensure that we promote Inner Wheel in everything we do, we have to promote and let the world know all of the amazing things Inner Wheel members do worldwide.  The opportunity is there for us to promote ourselves, every member has this “gift” in her hands.

We can be very proud that Inner Wheel makes a difference throughout the world, leave a lasting legacy is our theme this year, through our International Project “Happier Futures, Better Lives” Inner Wheel makes its voice heard throughout the world.

I am passionate about Inner wheel and alongside my fellow Board Directors and the IIW Executive would work hard to ensure the future of our great organisation