Maija Leena Virta Kangas

Maija Leena Virta Kangas - Finland

Today the world needs more and more the Inner Wheel spirit: friendship, service and help.  At the moment hundreds of thousands of people from different countries have had to leave their homes to escape from persecutions, wars or famine.  Also natural disasters and catastrophes such as earthquakes, years of crop failure or damaging storms have shown us recently the need of help in different parts of the world.  Women and children are usually those who suffer most.  As Inner Wheel members it should be our task to help them.

To be able to help those who need it most we must have our own clubs and districts functioning.  That is why we need friendship.  We need that kind of friendship which do not seek its own good but the good of others because we all are equal.  Unselfish work is Inner Wheel work.

I am a retired high school teacher.  I have  been teaching ethics, religion and religions, psychology and history.  I have also lectured about church history at the University of Helsinki.  An Inner Wheel member I have been for 29 years.

It would be an honour to continue as the Board Director for the second year and benefit the organization.

If I would be chosen I would like to carry on the Inner Wheel work on all levels.  My aim is to improve the growth of Inner Wheel and good communications at all levels and add consciousness of us and of our outstanding work.  I am sure that increasing the real Inner Wheel spirit we will achieve even better results in our work