Inner Wheel Club Limoges Suzanne Lalique Charter Ceremony District 70- France


After the message of Catherine Refabert, relayed by Nathalie Brun, National President, and the history of the IIW by Catherine Letessier, acting governor, it was the turn of Michelle Laurent Bruzy, past governor in charge of extension, to specify the history of this new club.

Thus, after the migration of six members of the club "Limoges Haut Limousin" , and the recruitment of six more persons, the club "Limoges Suzanne Lalique", boosted by its 12 members, could officially open.

Its president, Chantal Meslin, received the necklace by Annie Grampayre, president of the club godfather of Clermont Ferrand, while the president of the Rotary Club of Limoges offered the traditional bell!

In her speech, she mentioned that one of the main actions of the new club would be to help and improve the education of the children in Burkina Faso as part of the  "Happier Futures Project"

Henceforth, the D 70 has two IW clubs in Limoges . In the future, the potential recruitment is significant, because, with five Rotary clubs in town, and the adoption of the Proposal 17 during the Istanbul Convention, both clubs should know a fast expansion!

Although they are different in their projects, these clubs are complementary and "Aim High". They do not forget the main value of our movement: "Be a Friend!" .

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