Lenzerheide Week – 15th to 20th of January 2017  

20 Year Jubilee


It was ‘cool’ in all senses of the word…but the cold temperature could not harm the good mood. Never before so many Inner Wheel Ladies and Rotary members have taking part. 74 participants… 54 Inner Wheel Ladies and 20 Rotary members.

The snow arrived punctually a couple of days before our arrival and brought the cold with it. Therefore, donning our warmest jackets and hats we were off to the slopes and the various organized excursions. On Monday 25 people walked to the Antique Café in Lantsch. This small café allowed us all to sit close together and warm up while our Luise Krayer assisted the service, proving once again that Inner Wheel Ladies can be efficient in all situations. Thanks, Luise.


Our Renate Götschi, who lives here in Lenzerheide, organized excursions to Brienz on Tuesday and to the Sertig Valley on Thursday. The photos speak for themselves…. not only the weather and the snowy countryside, but also the happy atmosphere, showed how friendship is lived.

On Tuesday evening, we went out for a drink accompanied by guests from the IW Rätia Club.  The pathway through the woods was lit with torches. We were spoiled with optimal vin brulé, “Birnenbrot” (pear bread), Salsiz (local sausage) and cheese. Yes, there it was: our Bänkli for the 20th anniversary.

The bench and aperitif was offered by Rotary and our District.  A very big thank you  to all the Rotarians who have been loyal to us since the beginning of the Lenzerheide week and also contribute to the success of these days.

This year’s traditional Wednesday excursion was organized by the IW Club Rätia and 25 people travelled from Lenzerheide to Chur to the newly renovated Art Museum. 10 members of the IW Club Rätia joined us and provided us with an excellent guided tour through the museum. We finished with lunch at the Gansplatz Restaurant.

The ski groups were lead safely across the slopes by Renate and Hans Peter Kraft, Kurt Sigl and Cyril Ineichen. On Wednesday, they were finally able to cross the Arosa slopes under a blue sky and in the freezing cold.

In the last years, this hasn’t been possible due to the strong “Föhn” (warm wind).

After skiing and outdoor excursions – the “Hamam” in the Schweizerhof Hotel was frequently used to warm us up again. The exquisite dinners strengthened us after these magnificent winter days. Many thanks also to Andreas and Claudia Züllig and the whole team from the Hotel Schweizerhof.

They were great days of friendship; laughing and chatting, switching continually from German to French..…  it is so fantastic that our friends from the French part of Switzerland participate so readily and actively. “Merci beaucoup vous tous!”.

The 20th Inner Wheel Lenzerheide Week is now history and all returned home healthy and happy.

We’ll be back:  from the 14th to the 19th of January 2018.

Leave a Lasting Legacy