IW Club Lille Metropole Europea 

A Charter ceremony of new IW Club Lille Metropole Europea, District 67 took place in Belgium on February 18th 2018


The IW Club Lille Metropole Europea Charter ceremony in District 67 were attended 300 people including 170 Belgians surrounded members of the Lille Metropole Europea Inner Wheel Club  on February 18, 2018. The ceremony took place at the Chateau de Bourgogne in Belgium. The Lille Metropole Club Europea fully lives the international component of the Inner Wheel since, in addition to asserting itself as a European club, it is composed of French and Belgian members (including President Claudine Desbusquoit). Lionel Stoffel, the famous sopranist, gave the meeting a particular sparkle. The Deputy-Major of Tournai and a federal Minister were supporting the new club of their presence.



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