The IW Garden

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 20, 2018 |

Placing a plaque at the IW garden as the main activity to mark the celebration of IW Day in IW Club Kota Kinabalu, D311 Malaysia

Planning for IIW Day celebration started during the early days of the current term. PIIWBD Datuk Nancy Ho, has mooted the idea of placing a plaque at the Inner wheel Garden located at the foot of the historic Atkinson Clock Tower. This idea was then targeted as the main activity to mark the celebration of IIW Day and as one of the Club’s initiatives to meet the call for “Leave a lasting Legacy”, being the current IIW’s theme.

(IW Garden Plaque Staircase with mural of rose, theme flower of IWCKK)

The IW Garden, was established by Inner Wheel Club of Jesselton (former name of IWCKK) in 1961. The garden was named as the Anns Garden then. Efforts to revive the IW Garden at this historical site was initiated during the Club’s 60th Anniversary where IW Garden Committee consist of YM Datin Tengku Adlina as the Chairperson, Datuk Nancy Ho, YM Tengku Marilyn Tengku Adlin, Datin Carlota Lo, Daisy Chong, Emmeline Tan and Gillian Lee; has worked on the signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the Sabah State Museum. The tripartite collaboration is to ensure the continuity of the IW Garden as one of the important features at this historical site. YM Tengku Marilyn has led the re-designing of the Garden. Research leading to the finding of the original site of the plaque was carried out by Past Presidents Gillian, Emmeline and Daisy.

(Signing of Memorandum of Understanding by Datuk Joannes Salidau, Director General of Kota Kinabalu City Hall, Datuk Joanna Kitingan, Director of Sabah State Museum (then) and President YM Datin Tengku Adlina in year 2015)

Sabah State Government has recently gazetted the Atkinson Clock Tower as Heritage Building. The IW garden, therefore was in line with the aspiration of the Government as the garden will beautify the surrounding of this heritage building. In reviving the recognition of this garden, the placement of the new plaque was decided to be at its original place. In order to realize this objective, the IW Garden Committee held courtesy visit to the Mayor of the City Hall, to the Director of the State Museum and Director of State Archive Department.  With all parties consensus, the unveiling ceremony of the plaque then agreed to be held on 10 January, in conjunction with IIW Day. Organizing Committee consist of the representatives from the three parties ie City Hall, State Museum and IWCKK was established on 20 December, 2017. The committee worked wonders where vast improvement were seen at the site. Amongst the significant improvement was the new feature on the staircase leading to the plaque area. The City Hall has put up mural in a form of rose, which is the signature flower of the IWCKK.

At the ceremony, the unveiling was done by the three parties concerned. News coverage on this event were fantastic where it was featured in most of the local newspapers and some at the national level. After the unveiling ceremony, all attendees were invited for a Heritage Walk leading to the one of the oldest hotel in town for refreshment. The Heritage Walk was accompanied by traditional “Toggungak” music instruments.

In the restaurant, the IIW Day celebration was marked by recitation of IW Friendship Poem by PIIWBD Datuk Nancy Ho, followed by Lighting of the Candle of Friendship by National Representative Rokiah Staun, cake cutting ceremony by all senior members of the Club, EXCO members, President Cecilia Amid and President Helen Morgan of IWC of Kinabalu Rafflesia, the newly chartered club in Sabah. Vote of Thanks were delivered by the Chairperson of the IW Garden, YM Tengku Adlina.


The celebration was further made memorable, when NR Rokiah presented President Cecilia Amid, the newly re-issued Charter Certificate of the IWCKK, as replacement to the charter certificate issued way back in 1955. This day too reminded members that the Club has been in existence for the past 63 years making it one of the oldest clubs in the State of Sabah. At 63 years with many legacies left behind, and with the placement of IW Garden plaque, this Club has established a permanent record and proof of the legacy of the Club, which augurs well to the Club’s initiatives to “Leave a lasting Legacy” in years to come.