IW Day in Trieste

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 18, 2018 |

 “Portrait of a Lady"

The 18th century painting has been restored thanks to IW Club of Trieste District 206 Italy


Every year on January 10th , the Inner Wheel Clubs all over the world celebrate in various ways the foundation of our Association. On that occasion, the IW Club of Trieste kept its tradition to make another service to the city.

IW Club of Trieste President’s choice, in accordance with all the members, was the restoration of a 18th century painting, the “Portrait of a Lady", belonging to Besenghi degli Ughi, a noble family in Isola d’Istria, where the scholar Pasquale Besenghi was born. As a writer and a poet, he devoted his life to culture and to defend the ideals of patriotism. Trieste named a street after him and the people exiled from Isola honored his memory with a monument.

The panting, originally quite damaged, has been splendidly restored thanks to a detailed professional work. On that very morning, in presence of Inner Wheel Authorities, Rotarians, many guests and a group of citizens, the ceremony took place with the service presentation.

After the introduction by the Culture Councillor Giorgio Rossi and the presentation by the Director of Museums and Libraries, Dr. Laura Carlin Fanfogna, the Curator of Sartorio Civic Museum, Dr. Lorenza Resciniti, illustrated the painting through the historical and genealogical studies on Besenghi degli Ughi Family, in order to find the identity of the Lady, who seems to be the great grandmother of  scholar Pasquale Besenghi. Sketched by the hand of an anonymous painter from the Venetian area, the painting portrays a gentlewoman with an ancient mysterious beautiful allure.

She looks young with rosy cheeks and a pale neckline, wearing a precious flower embroidered  dress. Her hands are gliding over an ornamental plant and the hair is adorned by a refined lace. The  enigmatic smile emphasizes her mysterious charm which, from the faraway ‘700, reaches us vivid and intact, thanks to the skilled restoration.

A Club President Anna Maria Cossutti, after a short speech on the history and the aims of Inner Wheel, read a letter received from the International President Dr. Kapila Gupta, addressed to all Inner Wheel members on this special Day.

All the guests admired the painting and congratulated IW Club Trieste on the every year  attention it gives to the artistic heritage of the city.

At the end of the ceremony that brought together  in great harmony and friendship Club members  and guests, a rich buffet was offered with the city exquisite typical specialties.