IW Day in India

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 18, 2018 |

IW Day in India

Association of Inner Wheel clubs in India celebrated International Inner Wheel Day with great enthusiasm throughout India 

Main aim was to promote Inner Wheel by inducting new members, planting trees and uploading the event on social media.

Total 1058 new members were inducted and 24,388 trees were planted by all Inner Wheel Clubs in India.

District 311  inducted  maximum new members ( 106) and District 323  planted maximum number of trees (6910)

Almost all the IW clubs celebrated various  events to mark the occasion and publicised  on face book and other social media successfully.

Saplings of various shadow giving trees were planted by IW Club Shrirampur in District 313 on International Inner Wheel Day

Tree plantation with drip irrigation - Inner Wheel Club of Dhone of District 316 has planted 1000 plants with Good Water pipes and fittings with motor

New members being  inducted on International Inner Wheel Day  by IW Club Jamshedpur ( District 325) and IW Club Deonar ( District 314).