A Twinning 

A twinning document among three IW clubs in D210 Italy was signed on February 16th in San Severo, Italy


On February 16th 2018, at San Severo  IW Club headquarters,  San Severo (Apulia, Italy), in the presence of District 210 Chairman Irene Ficociello Calzetta, a twinning  document among the Clubs of Bari Alto Casamassima, Cerignola and San Severo was signed by Roberta De Pascalis Racaniello, President of Club Bari Alto Casamassima,  Iride Specchio Palladino, President of Club of Cerignola, and Amalia Niro Antonacci, President of Club of San Severo.  A number of IW members  and representatives of Rotary Club attended the ceremony.

The event took place in an atmosphere of great friendship, sharing  the values that make  united and strengthen the ties among  the members of our Association.
Through her Theme,  the International  Inner Wheel  President  Dr Kapila Gupta  is  asking us this year to leave a lasting Legacy  on our path. In San Severo  the three Club Presidents, under the District Chairman’s  shield, marked their way with this act of full and joyful sharing, strengthening the Inner Wheel bonds, always aimed at realizing service in synergy.



Leave a Lasting Legacy