“Act against hunger in schools”

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Feb 18, 2018 |

«Act against hunger in schools»

ND IW Club St Georges, Canada has been working for many years on this project



Members of the IW Club St Georges in Canada have been working for many years on a project «Act against hunger in schools».  It supports needy pupils in ten primary schools across their city. The Club has implemented a project to collect funds to help them to provide hot meals for pupils in need in these schools.

Each year «solicitation letters» are sent to possible donors on a basis of half year or full year support. These supporters are reterred to as the «godparents».

Two club members are each year responsible for initiating this charitable approach. Early in 2018, new approachers will be made to sponsors to continue this work. The Club has been very successful in its fundraising. Apart from the project «Act against hunger in schools», the Club s other projects include; Provision of clothing, school uniforms and shoes to 17 children, distribution of 100 sport pants to a sport school, donation of clothing to a young woman who has just arrived from Haiti, provision of games (lego) Wedo 2.0 to a school for its Robotics class.

Additionaly, 17 boxes of clothing were provided to a humanitarian mission to Guatemala.

The Clum intends to run new projects such as;

  1. Provision of hockey equipment and indoor volleyballs and
  2. purchase of 12 I Pads for a first grade class


In November IW Club St Georges welcomed two new members, bringing the number of members to 36.