“Contact Protocol”

Two Districts, 209 Italy and 192 Austria&Czech Republic signed a Contact Protocol in Graz on December 7th

Members of District 209 Italy have begun a three-day trip to Graz from Bologna to sign "Contact Protocol" with District 192 Austria Czech Republic.
Together with the District Chairman Antonella Roncarolo, was the National Representative Gemma Pirondini, the Vice District Chairman Grazia Rosa di Iorio, the International Committee Chairman Rita Albertini, the Extension Committee Chairman  Gabriele Tanzer and other IW members from  District 209.
After two days joyfully spent in the beautiful city of Graz and in the attracting region of Styria, the most significant and evocative event took place at the Weitzer Hotel in Graz: the meeting with the Austrian friends of District 192.  Together with many members of the IW Club of Graz and Graz-Uhrturm were present the District Chairman Gerda Beck, the Board Director Gabriele Schrümpf, and the National Representative Gertie Munro.

The two District Chairmen,  directed by Gabriele Tanzer who had strongly wanted this meeting, signed two copies of the parchment with the protocol of the Contact between the two Districts. And this was only the first step towards a future of friendship and international understanding, two of the important objects of International Inner Wheel.
District 209 Chairman Antonella Roncarolo invited then the friends from Austria and the Czech Republic to the next District 209 Assembly in Atessa, Italy.

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