Kay Morland

Kay Morland - Australia


I am excited by the future possibilities of Inner Wheel however I believe that at this point in time we should be focusing on identifying ways to arrest dwindling membership.  

As an organisation we have so much to offer women and we need to investigate ways to showcase Inner Wheel to the next generation of potential members so that they may have the opportunity to experience the friendship, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment that working together in IW and contributing to community brings.  

As our membership ages and members slip away, so will our organisation unless we position ourselves as a vibrant and relevant option for women looking for a way to become involved in and give back to their communities.  

There is no magic wand that is going to bring new members, there is work to do at every level, workshops, think-tanks etc. need to be held to identify strategies. We have to promote the amazing things members do worldwide, get the IW message out there, tell women who we are, invite them along to functions, show them the fun and enjoyment that can be theirs with IW membership. Make them aware that IW membership is a passport to a world of friends in over 100 countries all across this planet and it could be theirs.   

I am passionate about this organisation and I believe that it is vital that we take steps now to ensure IW’s continuity for generations of women to come.