Gulgun Dolunay

Gulgun Dolunay - Turkey



I was born in the historical city of Smyrna(Izmir) in Turkey. I was educated in American Collegiate Institute and studied  Pharmacy in Aegean University.  I married Dr. Haki Dolunay who is a medical doctor specializing in radiology. We are blessed with two children, a daughter and a son and two grandsons.  Thirty years ago when I first heard of Inner Wheel, it was just a big global institution centered in the UK which seemed very far and somehow distant for us. One of our elderly Rotary-Ann friends, Gulen Muskara had studied and was very determined to bring Inner Wheel to our country. With her enthusiasm and eagerness, we, the Rotary-Anns in İzmir soon became Inner Wheels by forming our  Inner Wheel Club of İzmir in 1990. Since then, we have been working for the benefit of women, children, elderly people and also for schools and hospitals in underprivileged areas.  We are proud of being Inner Wheel members and try our best to make Inner Wheel  to be acknowledged in our community. We have two Districts and 14 clubs in our country. I was the  president of my club  in 1996-97. I was elected the District Chairman in 2014-15 and became the National Representative  in 2016-17. This year I serve as the ISO of District 244.  Districts 242 and 244, we have successfully organized the 15th International Inner Wheel Convention on April 17-21, 2012 in Istanbul. I was the voting delegate of my district. I have also attended  the 16th International Inner Wheel  Convention on May 7-9, 2015.  This year as District 244, we are planning  the Women for Europe Conference 8 in İzmir on Nov. 23-26, 2017, with the guidance of PIIWBD Luisa Vinciguerra. The topic of the Conference is ‘The Role of Inner Wheel Women in Contributing to The Life Improvement of Displaced Women and Children’.  As Inner Wheels, we are trying to improve the lives of these displaced people especially women and children by helping them in various ways such as supporting schools to assist these children to better integrate to their new host country and focusing on skill teaching to these women for economic and cultural developement.  In our Women For Europe Conference 8 Izmir, IIW President Dr. Kapila Gupta will be honoring us with her presence which will give us strength and spirit.  I try to cultivate true friendship among my IW friends as well as IW members from different countries. By creating strong bonds between people and countries, I believe  we can find different ways of helping people who are less fortunate.   We try to leave a lasting lagecy by surveying schools and hospitals and by finding out  defiencies and providing  facilities. There are Inner Wheel logos on the walls of many classrooms, sciencelabs, school libraries, hospital rooms in the city to mark a lasting legacy. Concerts, dinners, trips  are organized for fund raising  where I am actively involved . This is an other way of creating awareness of Inner Wheel in our community.   My main goals are to contribute to keeping  peace in the world  by strengthening  bonds  among  IW friends from different cultures and to provide  education for women and children for a better future.  My election as IIWBD will give me more opportunities to serve globally in this honorable organization as we combine our diverse strengths to work togetherWith Inner Wheel