Francine Beij Mos

Francine Beij Mos - Netherlands

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service organisations of which I am proud  to be a member since 1981 when I was 29 years old and  one of my three daughters was not yet born. In the beginning of my membership,  being a working mother with three little children, it was difficult to attend all club events but it was always relaxing meeting fellow members. It was an honour to become president of my club in 1998 and to realize that work for Inner Wheel is always characterized by joyfulness and participation. When I stopped working in 2008 I was asked to enter the District Committee and became District Chairman in 2010. It forces you to think out of the box and develop yourself by helping others together in friendship. I am passionate about this organisation and I believe that it is vital to take steps to ensure IW’s continuity for generations of women to come.  I am convinced that for our mothers it was a help in their emancipation and that there are still many parts in the world we can make the difference. A difference not only for the mothers but also for their children being the future IW members. Being National Representative in 2016/2017 and president of the National Board I feel equipped to bring my economic and legal skills into IIW in the position of a Board Director. I want to support happiness worldwide by creating a strong, modern and global Inner Wheel.