IIW Presidential Hall of Fame

In honour of 50 years of Presidential leadership in the service of International Inner Wheel by 49 Presidents (1st IIW President, Mrs. Lavender Weightman, having served 2 years).


Presidential Themes

2016-17 Oluyemisi Alatise Nigeria Touch A Heart
2015-16 Charlotte De Vos Belgium Unique & United
2014-15 Abha Gupta India Light the Path
2013-14 Gabriella Adami Italy We, for women
2012-13 Carole Young New Zealand Be A Friend
2011-12 Catherine Refabert France Think Ahead – Aim High
2010-11 Pallavi Shah India Commit with conviction, compassion, consistency
2009-10 Anne Fryer Gt Britain & Ireland HELP bring HOPE
2008-09 Suzanne Nielsen Denmark Realise your Visions and Make a Difference
2007-08 Kamala Ramakrishnan India Communicate Our Vision
2006-07 Janet Day Gt Britain & Ireland SHOW THAT YOU CARE through FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE
2005-06 Erna Fandal Norway Support Gives Strength
2004-05 Metje Hanekamp-Van De Kamp Netherlands Work Together and Give Hope
2003-04 Eileen Harsant Gt Britain & Ireland Make the Future Positive
2002-03 Solveig Svensson Sweden CARE for the FUTURE
2001-02 Carole Buchannan Australia ENTHUSIASM CREATES ACTION
2000-01 Vivienne Bolton-Sleigh Gt Britain & Ireland STRANGERS are FRIENDSwe have not met
1999-2000 Lillian Pettigrew Canada REACH OUT, Keep HOPE Alive ‘Turn Giving into Living’
1998-99 Louise Richardson Australia Mke Our WorldBetter Place - Communicate and Educate
1997-98 Dr Elizabeth Jones Gt Britain & Ireland Together we are Stronger
1996-97 Beth McNeill New Zealand Look Beyod Yourself - Be Involved
1995-96 Ida Dubbledam- De Klerk Netherlands Open Your Heart and Your Home
1994-95 Barbara Bennett Gt Britain & Ireland Widen Your Horizons
1993-94 Anita Aggarwal India Expand To Serve Better
1992-93 Gwen Bowman Australia Understanding
1991-92 Isabel McKnight Gt Britain & Ireland Take Time
1990-91 Margaret Spenning Norway Give Our World A Future
1989-1990 Dr Brenda Taylor Gt Britain & Ireland Put Your Heart Into It
1988-89 Alison Dowson New Zealand Protect Children- They Are The Future
1987-88 Dora Bailey Gt Britain & Ireland Have Patience
1986-87 Minna Kapur India Identify
1985-86 Doris Browne Gt Britain & Ireland Co-Operate
1984-85 Ragnhild Oglaend Norway Communicate
1983-84 Esther Vibale Philippines Continuing Searce For Peace
1982-83 Britt Fjellander Sweden Understanding and Peace
1981-82 Jenette Petit Gt Britain & Ireland Be Concerned
1980-81 Ann Lebau Belgium Open Your Hearts
1979-1980 Joan Pyke Gt Britain & Ireland Help Children Smile
1978-79 Elizabeth Bier-Reitsma The Netherlands Work For Peace Through Love
1977-78 Kay Martin Gt Britain & Ireland Survival - Be Involved
1976-77 Marie-Claire Cronstedt Sweden  
1975-76 Gwen Davies Australia  
1974-75 Dr. Hylda Armstrong Gt Britain & Ireland  
1973-74 Cis Bulpitt Gt Britain & Ireland  
1972-73 Birte Fangel Denmark  
1971-72 Nancy Sharp Gt Britain & Ireland  
1970-71 Elspeth Bager Sweden  
1969-70 Helena Foster Gt Britain & Ireland  
1967-69 Lavender Weightman Gt Britain & Ireland  


Number of Presidents from 14 different countries:

G.B. & I (18), Australia (4), India (5), Sweden (4), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), The Netherlands (3), Denmark (2), Belgium & Luxembourg (2), Canada (1), France (1), Italy (1), The Philippines (1), Nigeria (1)



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