Helene Torkilsden

Helene Torkilsden - Norway


I have been IW member since 1987, and have been elected to different positions in my club and district. In addition, as Council Chairman/National Representative, 2013- And now elected IIW Board Director 2017-2018, I would like to express my gratitude and great honour for this opportunity to have this position. I am looking forward to new challenges and working together with the Executive and the Board Directors. Furthermore, get to know new clubs and members around the world and promote the benefits for all and strengthen our worldwide organisation.

Becoming a new IW member, many areas are unknown. But as years passes by,participating in different positions in IW; attending club and districts activities;international and national meetings; you learn much about the organisation and get the possibility to participate in a network of worldwide friendship. Through my membership in IW, working as a dentist in private practice, support from my family, I have developed leadership, teamwork and communication skills.  Members learn from each other and we share our talents. IW gives guidance, care and opportunity to work among people who need care and friendship. The goal of IW is to give women and children all over the world good living conditions, urgently needed in a troubled world, where life and daily activity changes quickly. Still, to many areas are uncertain. Close cooperation, working together and more visible, hopefully IW could be an attractive organisation, not at least for younger women, based on Friendship, Personal Service and International Understanding