Women At Risk

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Women At Risk

Woman at Risk

President of IW Club of Braedstrup-Ry, District 45, Denmark, 2015-2016, Nina Fritsdal, has just returned from the eastern Uganda, where she is working with several projects via the Danish organization Seniors without Borders.

IW Club of Braedstrup-Ry ┬ made a Christmas project with production and sale of products made from used coffee bags from Uganda, and they decided to spend the profit on the African children. The money is now used for the benefit of the 52 schoolchildren in Women at Risk for school equipment.

Christmas market

We visited women, one whose husband died of Aids, and the church had built a little house for her and her 3 children on a little plot owned by her parents-in-law. She and the youngest boy are HIV infected. She was not welcome in the family and could not stay at her own family either.

The other woman was left by her husband with 4 children and stayed at her father-in-law in a very little house.

A teacher went with us into town and bought write books, pencils, and water bottles. In addition, school bags and lunch boxes for the 23 children in primary school.

The children go to school without books so they do not learn as well. They are also hungry and thirsty, so there was great joy over the gifts.

Women at RiskWomen At Risk

Women at Risk group consists of 30 women (Christians and Muslims) and include 2 older men.

Generally the women during their marriage have been mistreated, HVI infected, been thrown out of their husband, or left in a miserable house after their husband's death. When the man dies, it is his family who inherits the house and land, and in many cases the single women are unwanted in their families.

Approximately 40% of the women have HIV / AIDS, and more children live with their grandparents.

They have set up an NGO, and established a VSLA (Village-savings-loan-group) without cash because they do not dare hold funds.

They meet every Sunday where they deliver what they can afford. Then those who have not had food for several days get a meal or little money for food. The rest is saved by their leader Jemimah in a bank account. These meetings give the women at better social life and they are doing gardening and other activities.

Women At risk

Women at Risk is planning to establish a crisis center on a piece of land. They will cultivate the land, so they can raise funds to support themselves and to support others in the same situation. Moreover, they will want to do courses in sewing and other skills, as well as work for women's rights.

Seniors without Borders is trying to raise funds for buying a piece of land for the group so they can start their project and hopefully get a better life.

Seniors Without Borders, Nina Fritsdal

Nina Fritsdal :┬ President of IW Club of Braedstrup-Ry, District 45, Denmark,┬ 2015-2016