Sri Lanka Flood Relief

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 16, 2016 |

A Summary of a number of Flood Reief Projects in Sri Lanka, May 2016

IW Club Of Kotte Nawa Udana, D 322

Members of Inner Wheel Club of Kotte Nawa Udana were privileged to help and contribute to 56 families that were left stranded in St. Joseph's College, Granpass, after the floods brutally took their homes.

There were pregnant women also amongst these families.

Through the opportunity given to us by Rev. Father Anthony of the St Thomas Church Kotte, and Pearl Fonseka, we assisted the Sisters of the Parish and┬ offered rationed food items to provide for each family.

Members also ┬ contributed by donating clothes, and other crucial items that were desperately needed.

We will continue to offer support to these families, until they are able to return to ┬ their lives as usual.

Collection of items, IW Club Kotte Nawa Udana

Food and Clothing donations, IW Club Kotte Nawa Udana

IW Club Of Kandy Metropolitan, D322

During the latest heavy showers, the mountainous area in the Central┬ hills were affected and many died and families lost their homes.┬ The IW Club of Kandy Metropolitan visited a camp in Aranayaka on 21st May housing┬ 56 families including many pregnant women and children.

We ┬ donated necessities worth approx Rs 70,000. All Items handed over were new which included children's clothes, gents and ladies t shirts and blouses, ladies underwear, pampers, sanitary items, blankets, sarongs and cloth for ladies, razers tooth paste and tooth brushes, sheets etc.

Photos show the vehicle packed with items ready to take and the members visiting the affected people in the shelters near the landslide areas.

Kandy Metro Flood Relief

Kandy Metro Flood ReliefKandy Metro Flood Relief

IW Club of Kandy, D322

May was a month of heavy rains in Sri Lanka. Many areas were under water and in the Central Hills, massive landslides on the slopes of the mountain regions.

Near Kandy, Aranayaka a small village area was severely affected, many losing their loved ones and homes sometimes the whole family lost under the earth.

The IW Club Kandy members joined hands with Rotarian Dr. Ajay and IW member Yalini to purchase much needed water, clothes, blankets sheets and other essentials to be distributed among those affected by the landslide. Many families with children were displaced in this disaster.

Landslide near village Aranayaka

IW Club Kandy landslide relief

IW Club Kandy landslide reliefIW Club Kandy landslide relief

IW Club of Colombo, D 322

Members ogf the IW Club of Colombo have been asssiting witht flood reilef efforts for the vistims of the May 2016 flooding in Sri Lanka.

May 22nd ÔÇô Donated dry rations in the Biyagama area.

IW Club Colombo Distribution┬ ┬ IW Club Colombo Distribution

May 28th ÔÇô Donated Medical supplies towards the big medical camp at the Kelaniya Main Temple for around 5000 flood relief victims.

IW Club Colombo Patients and Doctors

IW Club Colombo with Doctors IW Club Colombo ECG

We will be doing more flood relief work before the end of June helping families with household things.