Sabha Earthquake assitance

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Community Mitigation of the Kota Belud Water Supply Crisis

Sabha Earthquake Water Supply Project

By District 331, Malaysia & Singapore

When the earthquake struck Sabah in June 2015, several Sabahans and Singaporeans ( of which 8 were school children ) lost their lives. The Kadaman River seriously contaminated one of the major water sources.
The project was undertaken with technical assistance from a Rotary Club our Partner in Service. We assisted the villagers from selected kampongs with the construction of a new well, the upgrading of existing wells or the installation of a connection to a gravity feed water system to their kampongs.
The assistane given by clubs in D331 will provide water for 155 families from 4 kampongs with over 1000 beneficiaries.
Kg Lentigi Well, with PIIWBD Dtk Nancy Ho third from left and DNR Rokiah Staun on the extreme right
Kg Lentigi-NR Phyllis Fong, Ext Chairman Shirin Ghadiali, DC Daisy Chong, JKKK Sameh Berangga & DT Gillian Lee Kg Nahaba Siba

Inner Wheel District 331 Joint Club Project 2015-2016

In keeping with the IIW Theme this year, the clubs from District 331 came up with a unique idea to unite and jointly participate in a Project for Disaster Relief called “Community Mitigation of the Kota Belud Water Supply Crisis”.

As a result of the topographic changes of the Kadamaian River induced by the earthquake which hit Sabah in June 2015 and the mud floods which contaminated the river, the 2 water treatment plants Loji Pekan Kota Belud and Loji Bayayat are now operating at below their capacities. The affected villages are currently on water rationing and depend on the limited clean water supplied by Jabatan Air tankers which is barely enough for drinking and cooking purposes. While waiting for the situation to improve, some of the villagers have embarked on their own community mitigation measures to address the water supply problem. These include the reviving of their decommissioned gravity feed piped water system, installation of new wells and upgrading of existing ground water wells.

Kg Nahaba Siba Well Kg Pirasan Batu

The clubs in Inner Wheel District 331 have chosen this Project to assist selected communities in the vicinity of the Kota Belud district affected by this water supply crisis. The criteria for selection of the beneficiaries for this Project include the following:

  • The villagers have organised themselves and demonstrated the urge to implement the mitigation measure on their own initiative.
  • The villagers are willing to contribute sweat equity (through “gotong royong”) toward the implementation of their selected mitigation measure AND undertake the maintenance and up-keeping of the system.
  • There are available water sources within the vicinity of the village.
  • The target group shall be community based and the mitigation measure shall benefit multiple families.

Kg Pirasan water tanks-with JKKK Kajol Samin (3rd from left)

Under these scenarios, the funds contributed by the 8 Inner Wheel clubs in District 331 (ie IWC of Singapore, IWC of Singapore East, IWC of Singapore West, IWC of Sandakan, IWC of Miri, IWC of Kuching, IWC of Sibu and IWC of Kota Kinabalu) together with the donations received from well wishers within District 331, will be used for the purchase of construction materials, while the villagers will carry out the actual construction of the mitigation measures.

Site visit - Kg Nahaba Siba - Water being pumped from the ground water well Site visit - Kg Nahaba Siba


After some in-depth discussions with the District Chairman, a paper on the Project was prepared by certain members of the District Exco in early September 2015 and forwarded to the District Executive members for their feedback. Proposals and budgets were then prepared and technical assistance was rendered by the Rotary Club of Luyang (RC Luyang) in the vetting of the technical details of the various mitigation measures to be undertaken by the villagers. Details were carefully checked by both RC Luyang and Inner Wheel, deliberated on during September 2015 and the Project finally presented to and approved by the Inner Wheel District 331 Executive Committee in October 2015. The paper on the Project was then forwarded to the 8 Inner Wheel clubs in the District.

Clubs were asked to not only formally submit their interest in participating in the said Project but to also give an indicative amount of their proposed contributions.

Upon receipt of their confirmation, construction materials were then ordered and sent to the selected kampungs towards the end of December 2015. Work started in early January 2016.

Site visit to Kg Pirasan Baru. Project did not proceed as they could not locate the water source

Site visit to Kg Pirasan Tengah Site visit to Understand the Problem - D331 Exco at Kedamaian River

The kampungs selected are:

  • Kampung Nahaba Siba
  • Kampung Pirasan Batu 2

  • Kampung Lentigi
  • Kampung Pirasan





up-grading of an existing well (Completed in February 2016)

connection to a gravity feed piped water system (Completed in February 2016)

up-grading of an existing well (Completed in February 2016)

installation of a new ground water well (Completed in early March 2016)

The mitigation measures undertaken in Kampung Pirasan Batu 2 have also benefitted the villagers of Kampung Pirasan Tengah, who were unsuccessful in their search for ground water; while that undertaken in Kampung Pirasan has also benefitted the villagers of the nearby Kampung Pirasan Jalan Menteri.

Site visit with Spouse Support - Rtn PP Lee Swi Heng (2nd from left) & PP Kenny Chong (7th from left)

Up-grading of ground water wells are currently in progress in two other kampungs, Kg Simpodon and Kg Baru Kinasaraban.

Work in Progress - Making a round concrete cover for the well Work in Progress - The drill bit made from recycled parts of an old motorcycle

Watch a video of the project:

As at 20th March 2016, the total number of beneficiaries for this Disaster Relief Project is 301 families from 8 Kampungs with a total population of 1,660 villagers.

On 21st March 2016, additional donations were pledged by generous well-wishes from Singapore and Miri, Sarawak for this very meaningful project. These funds will be applied to assist more villages with their community mitigation measures to overcome the water supply crisis in the district of Kota Belud, Sabah.

D331 Exco members & Club Pres, Pres of RC Luyang & Project Coords & Village Reps at IW Banquet Night (19 March 2016)