Projects from IW Club Katugastota

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Projects from IW Club Katugastota, D322, Sri Lanka, 2015-16

  • Donation to Daya Nivasa(Mother Theresa’s Home for the Destitute- 1st July, 2015

Started the Inner Wheel year on 1st July, by visiting and making a donation of dry rations, bed linen, toiletries, etc. Total number of beneficiaries -100. 18 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Donation to Daya Nivasa (Mother Teresa's Home)

  • Serving the Differently Able Children – 9th July, 2015

An Outing with 25 differently able children and their parents to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and Zoo. Provided transport, breakfast, snacks. Total number of beneficiaries is 55. 6 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Outing with 25 differently able children and their  parents to Pinnawala

  • Providing 6 Toilets to Warapitiya School – 8th September, 2016

We provided our support to the Rotarians in completing the above project which was done with the District Grant. Total number of beneficiaries is 600.  7 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Toilets  built  at  Warapitiya  School

  • Cancer Ward, General Hospital, Kandy – 21st September, 2015

Made a donation of Injections, Medicines and milk food  to the Cancer Ward of the General Hospital, Kandy. Total number of beneficiaries is 100.   8 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Cancer Ward, GH-Donation of injections, medicines and  milk food

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Programme – 3rd October, 2015

Members participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness Programme. Total number of beneficiaries is 50.  5 IWC members participated.

Medical Camp  at Pussellawa

  • Boys’ Home, Weerakoon Gardens– 3rd October, 2015

Donated 25 lunch packets and stationery. Total number of beneficiaries is 25. 5 IWC members and Rotarians participated

  • International Service Project – 5th October, 2015

We arranged the visit of 12 Italian Lady Rotarians and Inner Wheel Members from Pordenone, District 2060, from Pordenone, Italy to the Home for the Elders, Mahiyawa, accompanied by our members and facilitated a donation from them, towards the renovation of the home. Total number of beneficiaries is 125. 8 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

  12 Lady Rotarians and Innerwheel Members from Italy

  • Intercity Meeting organized by IWC of Kandy Metropolitan – 18th October, 2015

IWC of Katugastota, Matale and Kandy took part. Our members Krithiga and Maheshi gave a dance performance. Five of our members were present.

Intercity meeting-our two members dancing

  • Home for the Elders, Mahiyawa – 12th November, 2015

We made a donation of garden tools, cleaning equipment and toiletries, etc. to the Home for the Elders, Mahiyawa. Total number of beneficiaries is 125. 10 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Fellowship  to  retired members


  • Boys’ Home, Weerakoon Gardens– 12th November, 2015

The club donated a Laptop Computer  and also refreshments to the Boys Home, Weerakoon Gardens. Total number of beneficiaries is 25. 10 IWC members and Rotarians participated.

Boys Home, Weerakoon  Gardens. Donated laptop and   refreshments

  • January 2016 International Inner Wheel President Charlotte’s Club visit including 4 Clubs in the Central Province. Photo with Katugastota Club members.

Visit of the IIW President  in  Kandy

  • Stationeries to Children of Disabled Soldiers – 10th April, 2016

35 packs of school stationery were donated to children of disabled soldiers. Total number of beneficiaries is 35. Three members took part.

Stationery to Children of Disabled Soldier