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Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jun 21, 2016 |

IW Club Ravensburg, District 86, Germany, Illustrating the Inner Wheel Principles in 2015-16

Friendship, Social Engagement, International Understanding - These are the guiding principles of Inner Wheel.  The members of the IW Club Ravensburg in Germany, District 86, strive to bring them to life through various support initiatives and projects as well as in the friendships that we foster in our community.

In 2015/16 we supported the so called “Vesperkirche”. Over the course of three weeks the church based in neighboring Weingarten opens its doors every day around noon to anyone in need and provides meals at a very affordable price. The well-being of children and women is furthermore a key concern of our members: last year we supported in a very quick and pragmatic way professional psychological counseling for a young family that had suffered the passing of their mother.

Germany- Ravensburg projects

The international refugee crisis is an important issue in Germany. At IW Club Ravensburg, we supported a group of refugees that lived for months in a local gymnasium because of lack of better shelter. We donated games, books, material for language learning and sports-equipment for children. We also co-financed courses in German language for refugee parents who receive special language classes in a public school in Weingarten and started a pilot-project for refugee children in creative handcraft, to help them cope with their experiences and express their feelings. The latter in fact started as a one-off event organised by two leading members of the club and was met with such enthusiasm by all participating children that we are now seriously considering the roll-out of a fully-fledged programme.


Germany- Ravensburg projects

Our local community engagement is finally complemented through active and hands-on support by IW Club members for a home for elderly citizens. We organize and accompany excursions for tenants and host gaming-events, lectures as well as open circles – coffee and cake included.

Germany- Ravensburg projects

Germany- Ravensburg projects

On a more international scale, our projects in Kenya and Afghanistan give support to women and girls who wish to lead more independent lives. Finally, after a terrible earthquake occurred in Nepal, our club sent a contribution directly to a hospital in Kathmandu.

What’s above hopefully illustrates how the universal values of Inner Wheel guide our engagement in our home region of Upper-Swabia and beyond.Â