Life without dependencies!

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Aug 14, 2018 |

There is another way in 4 stages

For the national project "Life without drugs”, IWC Balchik organized and sponsored series of event in 4 stages. The main purpose was to show the children in different ages that there are many ways to rationalize their lives and time to prevent drug usage. Such causes and events  make IW more recognizable and popular in the community.

1st stage:

For two months discussion meetings with psychologists from the “Bilany House” - Therapeutic community for psycho-social rehabilitation and resocialization of drug addicts on "Risk behaviors" were held. The students of the 7th grade of the three schools in Balchik took part. The meetings passed extremely interesting for the students - a different interpretation and presentation of the theme. The style and method of work of psychologists were intriguing, attractive, memorable! As a result, the talks have a wide response among pupils and the public.


2nd stage:

In May 2018, they organized the culinary race "We cook better". The competition was held in the school canteen of one of the local schools in Balchik. Two representative teams of pupils participated. The race was very dynamic and interesting for both the competitors themselves and the audience. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the skills, knowledge and skills of young cooks! 

Satge 2

3rd stage:

This time, the characters in their story were 5th and 6th grade students. The idea of the project is to help all age groups appropriately for their years and interests. They organized a sports contest "Smart, fast, accurate". Representative teams with 8 participants from the three schools in their town participated. The three teams brought with them, besides the cups, medals, treats and prizes, the conviction of the need to sport!

Stage 3

4th stage:

Within the days devoted to the National Project "Antidrugs", June was dedicated to students of all age groups. They cooked with 11th and 12th grade pupils, exercised with 5th and 6th grade, discussed and shared with seventh grade, and finally they united everyone at a funny zumba party!

According to the specialists, this is the right way to prevent drug use. The goal is to engage adolescents to find a different way of having fun and spending their free time - through sports, dancing, hobbies, reading books. The young people in Balchik have the ambition and they were all happy to see that there is another way!

Stage 4