Better female hygiene for Rural Bangladesh

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Aug 14, 2018 |

An energetic group of Inner Wheel Club of Dhanmondi took a six hours long journey to conduct an exciting project which could be termed as enhancement of women’s hygiene. The village which was far away from Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh, is very remote and it was quite challenging to reach there itself. But nothing could stop the members with strong devotion to the needs of the girls of the village college which was established in 2013. There is a SME organization in that village who, after getting trained invented a process of producing sanitary pad which is hygienic, biodegradable as well as very affordable. IWC Dhanmondi donated to this SME organisation financially, to procure raw materials and after that placed an order for six months stock of sanitary pads for the entire female student body of that village college. 


After visiting the small cottage industry, members collected the stock and went to the college where they were greeted warmly by the teachers and 120 girl students. IWC Dhanmondi members addressed the teachers and girls and created awareness to go for hygienic sanitary pads which were affordable for the students. Moreover, due to lack of exposure and knowledge some girls were hesitant initially. But the members made them aware of the advantages of hygienic sanitary pads and made a corner in the college for female students where the six-month stock is kept and could be used by the students free of charge. It may be mentioned, that for safe keeping of the stock, members of Inner Wheel Dhanmondi donated a display case where pads are available under the guidance of female teachers. Moreover, awareness lectures were given on basic girls’ hygiene, hand washing policy, nutrition, etc. 


The students of that remote village college became extremely happy and wanted more different products for hygiene which members promised to provide as an ongoing project.  

It was a successful day for 13 members of IWC Dhanmondi who came back to city after middle of the night with great satisfaction.

The project was motivated under the International Inner Wheel President’s theme "Empowerment and Evolve" and there will be many more upcoming from IWC Dhanmondi.