Microcredit….Dignity for women

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“Microcredit….Dignity for women”

District 210 Italy congress held in the Provincial Museum "Sigismondo Castromediano" of Lecce on Sunday, February 18th 2018


“Microcredit….Dignity for women” is a project to help women in their own country, avoiding the” journey of  hope”, where they become victims of all kinds of violence, and  that often ends  up  with sacrifice of life. 

District 210 congress held in the Provincial Museum "Sigismondo Castromediano" of Lecce on Sunday, February 18th 2018, was coordinated by the active and committed President Maria Rita Stasi helped by all Club members, in the vigilant presence of Past National Council President Giulia Rampino. Also took part in the event many IW Clubs of the District and Inner Wheel and Rotarian authorities, including D2120 Rotary International Governor Gianni Lanzilotti.

District Chairman Irene Ficociello emphasized the project inspired by the international theme "Leave a Lasting Legacy" and aimed  at  supporting women and their dignity. This microcredit project was born to create  training centers in close synergy with  non-profit associations operating in African areas to bring women into the world of work and, at the same time, to curb migratory flows on our coasts. Thanks to the association  “Missione Africa" it was possible to start a microcredit project aimed at launching a women's co-operative association in the village of Enfani, municipality of Djogou, in  north-west Benin, for the production of certified Karite butter. The income will be addressed directly to the women engaged in the work in order to re-introduce  money into circulation, giving birth to a new co-operative and establishing  in that way a virtuous circle. The start of  women's co-operative in Enfani village was illustrated by the president, Dr Raffaele Longo. The project also foresees a health training to fight against the practice of M.G.F. Besides the chief manager  of UNO Central Services  in Brindisi  thoroughly illustrated the problem on gender-based violence.

It was really a high-level socio-cultural congress!