Zenaida Farcon

Zenaida Farcon – Philippines

I was introduced to Inner Wheel at the age of 28 and got more actively engaged with Inner wheel clubs of the Philippines in the past 30 years, serving in various capacities in the club, district and national level. I have come to love and know Inner Wheel’s history, organizational structure, objectives, mission, constitution and ways of working.

I believe I will be able to share my learnings for the continual improvement of the management system of International Inner Wheel affairs.

As a practicing Certified Public accountant for more than 36 years now, my expertise and experience in Audit and Accounting will be of great help in reviewing, analysing and improving the Financial management Systems of IIW.

I envision International Inner Wheel as a sustainable Global Organisation, experiencing robust growth, responsive and relevant to the Diverse Needs of all Women Ages, where initial membership is extended to Young Girls aged 12-17, through the formation of Inner Wheel Youth Clubs in the High School and College Levels, to create awareness about our service mission; inspiring them to cross over to our Inner Wheel Clubs as regular members when they reach 18 years old.

I envision an IIW Global Management System that is able to create Leaders and Clubs who can share best Practices and optimise synergies across countries