Yanislavi Ilieva

Yanislavi Ilieva - Bulgaria

I have been a member of IW for almost 19 years, since its very beginning in 1999, when my club Varna was charted.

In 2000, we were just 4 clubs in Bulgaria, and I made the first translation of the IW Constitution and Handbook into Bulgarian in hand writing, as the computers and technologies were not so widespread then. It was really a great enthusiasm. I have served in all the offices at Club, District and National level and participated in 4 International Conventions.

I am really very proud with my club as we all travel intensively, got acquainted with a lot of new women, and we have succeeded in creating many new clubs, more than half of the clubs in Bulgaria.

My activity always led me to various international events. I made many new friends, learned a lot from different cultures, and found out that we are all the same everywhere, that we all have the same goals. I have redefined the values of our organisation in a new way, thinking more internationally and adapting my IW to the changes of today’s world.

I do believe that there is a bright future of IW, and it is up to us to face and conquer the challenges of the world with friendship, service of society and understanding. IW has encouraged me to learn a lot, to improve myself and motivate the others.

There is still much to be done for the development, extension and popularisation of IW.